Ganesha Avatara's



Incarnations of Ganesha in Different Yuga according to Ganesha Purana


According to the Ganesha Purāna, four Ganesh incarnations came on earth during the different yuga's, in order to fight the demons. They are :

Mahotkata with ten arms, seated on a lion, shining like the sun, came during the Krita Yuga to kill the demons Narāntak and Devāntak

Shri Mayureshvar with six arms, riding the peacock, faced the demon Sindhu during the Treta Yuga

Shri Gajānana with four arms, mounted on his rat, destroyed the demon Sindur during the Dwapara Yuga

is the form of Ganesh who will come in the future; we are now living in the Kali Yuga. Two-arms and smoke-colored Dhūmraketu will ride on a blue horse; he will fight all the devils to restore peace and harmony in the world.

The Mudgala Purāna, is a upa purana related to Lord Ganesha. It tells the story of the eight incarnations of Ganesh. Let us describe them in brief :

Vakratunda, "the Lord with the curved trunk". He is represented seated on a lion. He came to struggle against the devil Matsara, who is the symbol of jealousy.

Ekadanta, "the Lord who has only one tusk". exterminated Mada, the demon of drunkeness. He is mounted on a rat

Mahodara, "the Lord who has a big belly", gives battle to Moha, the demon of illusion. He is mounted on a rat

Gajānana, "the Lord with an elephant face", put Lobha, the demon of greed, to death . He is mounted on a rat

Lambodara, "the Lord with a protuberant belly", masters Krodha, the demon of anger. He is mounted on a rat

Vikata, "the misshapen", subdued Kāma, the demon of desire.  He is mounted on a rat
Under the form of Vighnarāja, "the Lord King of obstacles", lying on Shasha, the Snake of Eternity, Ganesh destroyed Mama, the demon of ego.

Finally, the last Ganesh incarnation is Dhūmravarna, "the Lord with a tawny color", riding a mouse, who got victory over Ahamkāra, the demon of self-infatuation


"Maha Ganesha"