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  Many such instances were recounted and as each song began, students with roses and cards bearing the lyrics of the songs moved to Swami and presented them to Him seeking His blessings.Swami also released a few booklets and a newsletter that the alumni presented. He released the audio Cd, "Bridge across Time" which is a collection of bhajans sung by the alumni. After four songs, a few members requested Swami for permission to dance(!) and Swami approved. And so a bhajan medley formed the score for the short dance programme too. The dance turned out to be the item that made a huge smile blossom on His face which later erupted as a hearty laugh too! The dance was followed by some more songs. The highlight of the morning as far as the participants were concerned was the avalanche of padanamaskars that Swami showered.  
   It began with the "head" of the Veda contingent moving up to Swami and requesting Him as to whether all could take padanamaskar. Swami agreed and so almost 60-70 students came up on stage and took padanamaskar. All that transpired between the Lord and His children cannot be captured here. Students ranging from batches as old as 1980 to those as latest as 2006 went to Him and thrilled themselves with His touch. It was a homecoming in the truest sense and once all the members of the Veda group were though, Swami agreed to bless all the band boys too in a similar manner. Finally He blessed prasadam to be distributed to all. At this time, the members of the music group also sought His blessings and Swami promised them He would bless later as now the "time was up". It was 11:30 when Swami retired to Yajur Mandir.


In the evening, Swami arrived and a surge of delight moved through the entire hall - the Lord looked magnificent in the maroon-red robe that He wore! White robe followed by the Red Robe - What a colourful opening for the New Year! Swami took a complete round and as He came on stage, He blessed the University band boys to begin their performance. They played two pieces, the first one a masterpiece from Yanni entitled - Santorini and the second one a tribute to the Divine Mother - the bhajan Eashwaramba Priya Tanaya. As they completed, Swami blessed them and then the students began to sing songs that they had prepared.

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